Hello World! First post...

First post of the Blog!

Posted by Raaqim Mohammed on July 25, 2017

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Raaqim Mohammed


Hello World!

Finally got into blogging - Thought it’d be a good idea to get out into the World:

  • Going off Calvin’s idea https://calvin.me I got the ‘https://raaqim.me’ domain. Thankfully no other Raaqims took it first! If you haven’t gotten your own .me I’d get to it - if you have a common name it might be a pretty penny to buy it off someone but you can try other suffixes - be creative!

This blog is about sharing my thoughts, experience and knowledge of Network Security (netsec) and eventually Finance/Investing/Markets. Pretty strange combination but it’ll work somehow - I guess this is the motto of anyone in Computing!

This blog is hosted on Github Pages, using Cloudflare to enable SSL via custom domain, using Jekyll with both Project-Pages - Github for Project-Pages and Jekyll-Resume - Github for Jekyll-Resume themes combined; Whilst achieving some pretty good scores on GTmetrix - GTmetrix report

GTMetrix PageScores

That’s a nice Stack of web technologies if I do say so myself :)